Tracey M Berlin MSN-Ed, RN, CNRN, CCRN

Eagleville, PA


2013: Masters of Science in Nursing/Post-Grad Certificate in Nursing Education: University of Phoenix
2003: Bachelor of Science in Nursing; University of Phoenix, Honolulu, HI
1986: Diploma in Nursing; Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing; Sayre, PA


2011: AANN Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing Education Award
2007: Excellent Standards of Practice in Quality; University of New Mexico Hospital, Albuquerque, NM
2006: AACN Circle of Excellence Award for Critical Care Nursing; Albuquerque Chapter
2002, 2003, 2004: The Queen’s Nursing Excellence in Clinical Practice Award; The Queen’s Medical Center; Honolulu, HI
1995: Friends of Nursing: Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing Award; Lehigh Valley Hospital; Allentown, PA
1991, 1992, 1993, 1994: Peers Recognizing Nurses Award, Lehigh Valley Hospital; Allentown, PA

Vision for Neuroscience Nursing:

Neuroscience nursing is a challenging and rewarding profession. We deliver specialized care for patients and families across a spectrum of diagnoses, acuities, ages, cultures, and health care environments. Although we may serve in different roles (bedside nurse, advanced practice nurse, educator, researcher, administrator and others) we share a common goal of delivering excellent care and promoting optimal health for our patients.

With this goal in mind, my vision for neuroscience nursing is one of collaborative empowerment - using our collective voices, skills, and power to improve outcomes for neuroscience patients while navigating the challenges and rapid changes within our health care system. To accomplish this, neuroscience nurses must be leaders - leaders in thought and leaders in practice - by engaging in clinical inquiry, applying research to practice, promoting the highest standards of quality, and by actively engaging in issues that affect our patients and our profession. In addition to providing compassionate care to our patients, we must also demonstrate care for each other through support, encouragement, education, and mentoring.

Professional passion is contagious, and should be the force that empowers us to drive innovation, promote excellence, and advance the art and science of neuroscience nursing.

Vision for the Association:

AANN has established itself as the leading authority in neuroscience nursing and helps insure that nurses remain strong advocates for their patients and their profession. Guided by its mission, core values and vision, AANN maintains collaborative partnerships with its members and related organizations.

My vision mirrors that of AANN as an association that continues to advance our specialty through the development and support of its membership. Sustainability and growth of the Association and our specialty depend upon its ability to empower and inspire passion within nurses. Key elements to accomplishing this include providing relevant opportunities for education and networking, mentorship and professional support, involvement of members, and authentic servant leadership. Association activities should be goal-directed, fiscally responsible, and flexible enough to evolve with changes in health care and business practices. In a position of Director-at-Large, I would be dedicated to collaborating with Association leaders and members to support our strategic goals, mission and vision.

Accomplishments in Professional Positions:

Most of my 30 years as a nurse have been in Neuroscience ICU. Graduating with a Diploma in Nursing, I later earned my BSN and MSN-Ed, and maintain CCRN and CNRN certifications. I have worked in university-based hospitals with Level 1Trauma and primary stroke center designations in several states throughout the country; serving as staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, patient care coordinator, educator and neuroscience technology/research specialist. I have been active in unit and hospital-based committees such as Shared Governance, Clinical Practice, Policy and Procedure. I have written and implemented evidence-based hospital and unit policies/practice guidelines improving the care of neuroscience patients and been instrumental in the design and delivery of educational programs for neuroscience nurses. Additionally, I served as master clinician and adjunct faculty for a university-based nursing program.

I have received several awards for excellence in clinical practice,and in 2011, I was honored to receive the AANN Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing Education Award.

I have been a member of AANN since 1991,as well as the Eastern PA AANN Chapter for many years. I have attended most AANN Annual Meetings and presented poster and podium sessions . I lecture nationally and internationally on a variety of neuroscience topics and serve as faculty for nursing and provider workshops focusing on neuromonitoring. I have several professional
publications and am a contributing author and chapte r editor for current editions of the AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nurses and the AACN Procedure Manual for High Acuity, Progressive and Critical Care.

Accomplishments in Leadership Positions:

In my recent role as unit based educator and neuro technology specialist, I was part of the Leadership Team, overseeing educational aspects during implementation of unit and hospital initiatives, including Primary Stroke Center Certification and opening of a new critical care pavilion, including expansion from a 10 to 24 bed state-of-the-a rt Neuro ICU. Along with this expansion, I was responsible for the development of a Multimodal Neuromonitoring Program - acquiring, integrating, and implementing the use of advanced neuromonitoring technologies into patient

In my current role as a consultant and clinical applications specia list, I work with a variety of neuromonitoring technologies and use my leadership skills to assist hospitals with integration of advanced neuromonitoring technologies in neurocritical care. In this role, I travel extensively and interact directly with neuroscience nurses and leaders across the country, affording me the opportunity to learn about their needs and offer support on behalf of AANN.

I currently serve as Chair of the AANN Education Provider Committee and will hold this position until 2018. Initially joining as Co-Chair to learn committee functions, I quickly assumed the Chair position when the serving Chair was unable to continue her role. Having a leadership position in AANN has been an educational and rewarding experience, and has helped prepare me to serve you as  Director-at-Large.

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