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Erin Fecske MSN, RN, CNRN, CPNP     

Mission, KS


Elmhurst College, BSN, 2007        
Rush University, MSN, 2012


2016 American Association of Neuroscience Nurses Excellence in Clinical Patient Care Award
2015 American Epilepsy Society Excellence in Nursing Research
2013 American Epilepsy Society Excellence in Nursing Research

Vision for Neuroscience Nursing:

Neuroscience nursing is the comprehensive care of patients with any neurologic injury, insult, or illness. Neuroscience nursing has significantly evolved since I started in the field 9 years ago and I hope that it continues to evolve with the advancement of research and continued multidisciplinary partnerships. Our understanding of neuroscience will only continue to grow with continued research, and I believe strongly that nurses need to be at the forefront of that research. Nursing research is clinically applicable and can quickly impact the outcomes of our patients. By constantly evaluating our outcomes and measures we can continue to drive our practice into the future with improved patient care.

Neuroscience nurses are also advocates for their patients whether they are at the bedside or in other nursing areas. As neuroscience nurses we must continue to advocate for our patients both at the bedside and national level. Through advocacy we can encourage autonomy in our profession, improved research funding, and improved awareness of neuroscience issues and concerns.

Vision for the Association:

The American Association of Neuroscience Nurses must continue to provide excellent educational resources to its members as well as ongoing opportunities for growth and development. The AANN must also continue to reach out to organizations with overlapping interests such as American Heart Association, American Academy of Neurology, American Epilepsy Society, and many more. By increasing our connection to these other societies AANN will be able to reach more nurses and other neurology providers to continue to improve ourselves and our patient outcomes.

AANN struggles with reaching nurses in the subspecialties of neurology, such as pediatric and movement disorder and needs to expand its focus in order to better serve these members.  This includes continuing to support educational tracks at the national meeting as well as support ongoing publications and education for subspecialty nurses. With an expanding reach to these nurses certification could be supported allowing for additional education and engagement by this population.

AANN should continue to support local chapters and allow for mentorship of struggling chapters. By providing ongoing support to local chapters AANN can allow them to serve their community of nurses and encourage engagement in the local and national level.  Nurses are first engaged locally before they are engaged nationally and these relationships should continue to be fostered by the national office.

Accomplishments in Professional Positions:

Throughout my career I have striven to be engaged in my profession. I have worked on policy and procedure committees, unit advisory committees, and have more recently become engaged in the AANN. As an AANN member I am active in my local chapter helping to support the social media and internet presence of our chapter. I was recently awarded the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses Excellence in Clinical Patient Care Award for 2016 and was honored to have been nominated for this award.  

In my current role, a pediatric nurse practitioner in a comprehensive epilepsy center, I work with complex patients and their families to create and execute care plans. In this role I have worked to develop policies and procedures for the epilepsy monitoring unit as well as participating in research.  My research has been presented at poster sessions at the American Epilepsy Society and has been recognized for excellence in nursing research by AES.  I have been recognized by my peers for the Excellent Every Time Award for continuously striving for excellence in patient care.

Recently, I have served as an AANN representative at the American Academy of Neurology and Child Neurology Society development of Child Neurology core measures.

Accomplishments in Leadership Positions:

During my nursing career I have served as a mentor and preceptor to staff. In my current position I assist in the organization and facilitation of research for the nursing staff, including the development of new projects and publication of papers. I also am a leader within my local AANN chapter where I have helped to develop the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to raise awareness and communication with our chapter members. With my local chapter I assist in the development of the yearly plans as well as the annual symposium where I have also served as a speaker.

Leading does not always come from a formal position. In my position the nursing staff has come to know that I am passionate about education and my patients and will happily teach anyone and everyone. I have taken a lead role in the development of patient simulations to teach nursing staff and physicians how to care for the neuroscience patient. I have also served as a resource to the new graduate nurses in the development of their research projects.

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