AANN Photo

David W. Hackett, SCRN

Edmond, OK


Bachelor of Science – Nursing   Dec 2016, Associates in Applied Science – Nursing  

May 2010 and a Bachelor of Science – Home Economics: Interior Design 1982


1999 – Exceptional Contribution above and beyond Normal Job Duties – Farmers Insurance Company

May 29th, 1995 – Photo and article “Everyday Heroes” Newsweek magazine – Oklahoma City Bombing

March 1991 – Photo and Article “Mobilizing the Red Cross” Southwestern Bell Mobile System publication

October 9th, 1990 – Award of Excellence for Meritorious Service; City of Oklahoma City

April 13, 1990 – Award of Application; Oklahoma City Fire Fighter Association Local 1524

1988 -- Communication Excellence Award for Promoting Volunteerism – American Red Cross

Vision for Neuroscience Nursing:

With the dawn of a new generation of nurses graduating we the current Neuroscience Nurses must pass on the legacy of our past and embrace their future.  For centuries man has tried to understand the nervous system and how it works.  Not until recently have we gained better understanding of its working but we have so much farther to go.  Even with technology we still depend on ancient ways for treating neurological disorders.  I see something different!  Through nurses trained and focused in neuroscience we can be a driving force in change.  Change in the way we see patients with neurological disorders, new technologies to help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate patient, and we must demand safer, more effective, and less costly medication and treatments.  But most of all we must remember the human side of the equation.  We must be better advocates for our patients so that they are not treated as only a number or a disorder but a person.

Vision for the Association:

AANN is a hidden gem and the nursing world needs to know what our organization has to offer.  Through   leadership, relevant products, education, and publicity AANN will continue be the leader in neuroscience healthcare and indispensable for all nurses.  Over the next 5 years I foresee growth in the number of state chapters and an increase in membership.  By 2023 AANN will have a viable chapter in every state and have a 10 percent growth rate and will reduce our non-renewal rate to less than 20 percent.  Through technology and partnerships AANN will be able to provide relevant and timely products such as educational opportunities, eBooks, and online seminar to its membership at a much lower cost.  I also vision that some education programs and webinars will be provided free to all nurses and healthcare organizations.

I see AANN developing additional partnerships with Nursing Schools throughout the United States to help educate our new generation of nurses.  I also see our organization working to educate hospital administrators the need and benefits to having educated and well-trained neuroscience nurses.  These activities will help provide growth and a stable foundation for the future.
In the future AANN can address issues such as staffing models for Neuroscience units, psychosocial issues related to neurological disorders and standards for rehabilitation of these patients.

Accomplishments in Professional Positions:

Since graduation in 2010 I have been a staff nurse in the Neuro / Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital – Oklahoma City.  I have received a Bachelor of Science – Nursing   Dec 2016, my Associates in Applied Science – Nursing   May 2010 and a Bachelor of Science – Home Economics: Interior Design 1982.   In 2014, I become the first SCRN in the state of Oklahoma and have encouraged others to take the exam.  I am one of the charter members and serve on the executive board of the Oklahoma Chapter – AANN and the current Treasurer.  Nationally I have served as a member of the Chapter Development Task Force and the Virtual Chapter Task Force.  I have reviewed Abstract for the 2016 and 2017 AANN Educational Conference and the co-facilitators for chapter.

Accomplishments in Leadership Positions:

Before becoming a nurse, I worked for the American Red Cross as the Disaster Operations & Training Coordinator for Oklahoma County.  I was a national instructor for disaster operations and helped develop many of the policies and procedures still used today.  I have had the opportunity to lecture locally, nationally, and internationally on disaster operations and preparedness.   I have worked on hundreds of disaster operations including the Oklahoma City Bombing where I was the on-site operations coordinator.  In nursing school, I served as a board member on the Student Nursing Association for 2 years.  As a nurse, I have served as a member of our Stroke Operation committee, the Stroke Practice Council, as well ICU Practice Council.  I have also served as an advisor for the American Boy Scouts, and served as president for our children’s school Parent / Teach Organization for 2 years.

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