Linda Littlejohns headshot 2017

Linda Littlejohns, MSN RN CNRN SCRN FAAN

San Juan Capistrano, CA


MSN 1994 California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA
BSN 1991 California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA
RN 1970 BG Alexander College of Nursing, Johannesburg, South Africa


2010 FAAN - Induction into American Nursing Academy as a Fellow
2002 AACN Circle of Excellence Award for Education
1993 Gerry Schroeder Award for Contribution to Critical Care Nursing
1992 AANSR Research Scholarship Award

Vision for Neuroscience Nursing:

At a time when our healthcare future is uncertain and our population has an increasing number of elderly, Neuroscience Nurses will be called on to provide care and resources more than ever in our past. My vision for neuroscience nursing is to build on our knowledge and the strength of our members to provide assistance to anyone who is burdened by a neuro disease or injury and/or those caring for this population.

The scope of our practice has changed vastly during my years in the profession. We have shown our ability to embrace new technology, improve the outcome for patients who never had a chance in the past, provide care in settings where patients were unable to get help and provide resources to those who needed them.
My vision is that we will rise to the challenges ahead, as we have in the past.

I see the future for neuroscience nurses as a bright one. This is a time when we can demonstrate our commitment to our own healthy future and continue our ability to think outside the box in our professional organizations.  We can partner with others to provide resources for our communities that are relevant and evidence based; and most importantly we can be there for each other.

Vision for the Association:

My vision for the association as it pertains to the position of secretary/treasurer is a vision of strategically investing our time and money to ensure our continued success.  This includes serving our various patient populations in innovative ways by providing resources for our members, as well as other healthcare professionals who seek our advice and counsel.  We can do this by reviewing past successes while exploring innovative ways to grow membership, share information and partner with other like-minded organizations.  This will include novel opportunities for education and an increasing volume of evidence based resources on our website, journal and other media.

Meeting so many members while traveling and teaching over the years, I have seen first-hand what an amazing brain trust and strength exists among neuro nurses and our AANN members. My vision is to see our association represent the full range of our specialty as we move forward with strategic and financial decisions. I also see the bond between the three pillars of AANN, ABNN and AMWF going from strength to strength as we strategically plan for the future.

Accomplishments in Professional Positions:

After joining AANN in the late 1980’s, I was involved in the early formation of the Special Focus Groups; chartered a new chapter of AANN - Orange County Chapter where I served as president as we grew the chapter; and taught one of the first cadaver anatomy courses, continuing to do so for 25 years as a pre-conference at our annual meeting.

I was a trustee on the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation from 1999 – 2008 and then participated in chartering the Agnes Marshall Walker Foundation where I have served as a trustee for the past 3 years. I served as a board member for AANN from 2008-2014 during a time when we experienced a recession in the USA and served as President in the year 2013-2014.

I represented AANN at the AANS Council of State Neurosurgical Societies for 4 years during my board tenure and have been an invited presenter at the WFNN for the past 16 years.

These were volunteer positions and it was an honor to serve and participate with these professionals. I have also been a contributing editor for AANN, Mosby, Elsevier and AACN.

Accomplishments in Leadership Positions:

After working in a leadership position as a Neuro Clinical Nurse Specialist, I joined Industry as a Vice President to develop a global clinical team for neurosurgery.  This was a novel model and was a stand-alone entity within a medical device company. Naturally, budgets and spreadsheets were the order of the day in addition to a rigorous travel schedule and speaking engagements. The company grew from a start-up in neurosurgery to an almost billion-dollar company when I retired in 2014.

I also served as the President and Executive Director for the Integra Foundation where we were able to donate over $12 million to support education, research and relief work done by clinicians in developing countries or disaster relief.  My team and I introduced brain tissue oxygen monitoring to clinicians here and abroad, and I still feel humbled for that opportunity to make a difference.

As an individual I have started two companies that focus on educational tools for neurosurgery and nursing and have seen both of these become successful.

I have referenced the above accomplishments because they address the financial aspect of my leadership skills and the ability to assess return on investment and innovation.

I believe my motivational leadership has happened because of my love for neuroscience nurses, my passion for teaching about the brain and spinal cord; and my connection to colleagues in neurosurgery around the globe. I feel well suited to participate in a financial role for AANN along with the unwavering support from AMC staff.

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