Collaborates closely with the president in the administration of the ongoing activities of the association using the initiatives of the strategic plan as the framework.

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  • Minimum of 2 years of AANN Board experience
  • Demonstrates leadership ability on a national level
  • Previous leadership activities in AANN not only including board experience but also committee, task force, or special focus group activities
  • Good organizational skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in leadership activities and previous board experience


  • Works closely with the president to gain an understanding of the presidential role and responsibilities
  • Assists the president with project management
  • Assists and supports as needed in planning the annual meeting with the national office and appropriate board member(s)
  • Prepares slate of appointments for committee chairs, special focus group chair and facilitators, and other liaisons to take office at the Annual Meeting
  • Reviews the bylaws and policy and procedure manual bi-annually and makes recommendations for proposed changes to the board
  • Conducts the orientation of incoming new board members prior to the annual board meeting
  • Reviews, revises, and maintains the Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Assists with projects/initiatives as leader or member, as requested by the president
  • Assumes the role of president in accordance with the association bylaws
  • Estimated time commitment includes weekdays and weekends
  • Board Meetings: Approximately three board meetings held via conference call per year and three face-to-face meetings annually. In preparation for each meeting (face-to-face or conference call) members are expected to review all materials.
  • Participates in conference calls with the President and national office as needed
  • Travel: Approximately 12 days per year including annual educational meeting 2 Nursing Organizations Alliance meetings, and face-to-face board meetings 3 times per year