American Nurses Association (ANA)  Digital Membership Through AANN

As an AANN member, you receive a digital membership with ANA.

Your American Nurses Association (ANA) digital membership will align with your AANN membership dates and have the same expiration date. The digital membership in the ANA allows you to take advantage of the discounts and benefits offered to members.


Benefits of your ANA digital membership include

Full suite of ANA digital communications

  • ANA's journals: American Nurse Today and Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
  • ANA e-newsletters: ANA Smartbrief, Nursing Insider, The American Nurse
  • Access to member-only content on ANA website

Professional Development Membership programs

  • 35 free/discounted CE courses and free monthly nursing webinars
  • Access to ANA's Career Center and eligibility for ANA Liability Insurance
  • Tuition discounts on online nursing degrees at participating schools
  • Member discounts at ANA's Leadership Institute programs
  • Support of ANA's Advocacy on behalf of nurses.

How and When Can I Access the ANA Benefits?

As an AANN member, you are now also a digital member of ANA. With that membership comes access to the members-only aspects of the ANA website, "Nursing World." To access this benefit, go to the log-in section of the website.

For new members looking to access ANA, you can access the ANA database starting the second week after the month you joined. You can log into ANA by using your primary email address as both the user name and the password.

If you are a current or former member of ANA, please log in using the e-mail and password last used with ANA. If you forgot your password, you can reset it using the link on the log in screen.

If you have trouble, please contact ANA at 1.800.923.7709 or at

What If I Don't Want to be an ANA Digital Member?

You can opt-out of the ANA digital membership by e-mailing By not opting out of ANA membership, you consent to becoming a member of ANA and receiving membership communications from ANA.

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