Maintains continuity of association projects, activities, and direction through documentation and record keeping of relevant information. Reviews fiscal records in collaboration with the executive director.



  • AANN member for 3 years
  • Budgetary or fiscal experience


  • Assures accuracy of information contained in minutes of all AANN Board of Directors meetings/conference calls and the annual business meeting.
  • Notifies board members and other appropriate persons of board and business meetings reports, instructions for their completion, and due dates.
  • Collaborates with the national office to assure the board reports are prepared and distributed to the board prior to the meetings and to the membership at the business meeting.
  • Reviews fiscal reports sent from the national office by the executive director and collaborates with the executive director in development of association budget.
  • Distributes the reimbursement policy and related materials to any appropriate persons.
  • Maintains a copy of the standing rules for the annual business meeting.
  • Estimated time commitment includes weekdays and weekends:
  • Board Meetings: Approximately three board meetings held via conference call per year and three face-to-face meetings annually. In preparation for each meeting (face-to-face or conference call) members are expected to review all materials.
  • Travel: Approximately 10 days per year including annual educational meeting and face-to-face board meetings 3 times per year.