Saturday, April 17-Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Sunday, April 18

8–9:30 am
Keynote Address
Through the Mask: Staying Connected and Maintaining Compassion through Challenging Times
Tim Cunningham, DrPH MSN RN FAAN

In reflection of the traumas witnessed during 2020—COVID-19, the acute on chronic social injustice in the U.S., financial uncertainty, and navigation social distancing for the long-haul—this interactive presentation will offer some new and perhaps newly un-shelved ideas about how we move forward during great stress, together. Lessons learned from people around the globe will bring home a local message, one that we can bring back to our teams and families.  


SK HEADSHOT WEBMonday, April 19

8:30–10 am
Understanding the “Bizarre” and “Unique” World of Epilepsy
Stacia Kalinoski

“You must have a multiple personality disorder,” one man told me after witnessing a seizure. “Psychotic episode,” was a coworker's description. “Bizarre” and “unique,” wrote one of my doctors. Seizures come in many forms, and nurses are patients’ first source of calm after the storm. In this session, I share my personal journey, along with video clips. Recognizing uncommon seizures and different postictal states can help you better understand and care for your patients.

Tuesday, April 20

8–9:45 am
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