Raising Practice to New Heights

March 21–24, 2019 | Denver, CO

Preconference Events to Help Improve Your Practice and Expand Your Influence


Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) Course

8 am–5 pm, Thursday, March 21
Level: Intermediate
Track: Neurocritical Care

The ENLS course is designed to help healthcare professionals improve patient care and outcomes during the critical first hours of a patient’s neurological emergency. ENLS Version 3.0 recently was released and includes all of the latest medical updates, keeping you in the know on best practices for managing neurological emergencies. Participants will be given a consistent set of protocols, practical checklists, decision points, and suggested communication to use during patient management of 14 neurological emergencies.

3D Brain and Spine Anatomy and Pathology

8 am–Noon, Thursday, March 21
Level: Intermediate
Track: Anatomy
Speaker: Linda Littlejohns, MSN RN CNRN SCRN FAAN

If you have been puzzled by your patients’ symptoms and have wondered how to plan their care or discuss the problem with them, their family, or other healthcare team members, this session is for you. A sound knowledge of brain and spine anatomy is essential for neuroscience nursing practice and the 3D Anatomage program is invaluable in answering all your questions as we discuss stroke, trauma, and degenerative diseases.

Basic Neuroimaging: More Than Fifty Shades of Grey

1–3 pm, Thursday, March 21
Level: Intermediate
Track: Special Topics
Speakers: Cathy Cartwright, MSN RN FAAN; Rachel Malloy, MSN RN CNRN SCRN

Interpreting neuroimaging adds a dimension to understanding the complexity of the neuroscience patient. It allows the neuroscience nurse to review images with the family so they might gain a better understanding of the diagnosis. Yet many neuroscience nurses do not have the opportunity to learn the basics. This presentation will discuss CT, MRI, shunt series, shunt-o-gram, ultrasound, angiography, perfusion studies, and the use of contrast media, including the rationale for ordering each scan.

Secrets of the Neuroendocrine System: Understanding Puzzling,Perplexing, and Complicated Patients

1–5 pm
Level: Intermediate
Track: Special Topics
Speakers: Cynthia Blank-Reid, MSN RN; Joseph Haymore, DNP RN CCRN CNRN ACNP-BC

This session will discuss the various hormones the pituitary gland produces, their key role across the life span, and issues that arise when there is a disruption to the normal synthesis of the hormones. Diagnostic procedures will be discussed as well as medical and surgical treatment options.

Patching Holes: A Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary CNS Lymphoma

1–5 pm
Level: Intermediate
Track: Neuro-Oncology
Speakers: Mary Elizabeth Davis MSN RN CHPN AOCNS; Wayne Quashie, MSN CNS ACNS-BC AOCNS; Shanna C. Rittberg, ANP-BC CCRN; Malbora Manne, BSN RN CNRN; Helen Hong, NP

Primary central nervous system lymphoma is a form of high-grade non-Hodgkin B-cell cancer. It originates in the brain, eyes, leptomeninges, or spinal cord and rarely spreads outside the nervous system. This session will use case-based presentations and analyze information from patient history as well as present radiographic images to diagnose the condition.