Increase Your Neuroscience Knowledge at a Live Event

AANN recognizes that neuroscience nurses are continuously in the pursuit of professional development and knowledge. Meetings hosted by AANN can provide opportunities to discuss hot topics with colleagues face-to-face, continuing education (CE) credits, and a variety of opportunities to elevate your practice.

Annual Educational Meeting

At AANN's annual meeting, you can hear about the latest innovations and developments in evidence-based research while meeting with the brightest in the field. The 2016 AANN Annual Educational Meeting took place April 9-April 12, 2016. Attendees can download handouts or complete evaluations at this time.

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Advances in Stroke Care Conference

AANN hosts a fall conference on a specific topic; in 2015 and 2016, the selected topic was stroke. The AANN stroke conference is a 3-day meeting that addresses clinical learning needs; organizational development goals for stroke centers; and clinical challenges in the emergency room, in-patient areas, the rehabilitation unit, and the community. Learn more about the upcoming stroke conference, occurring August 25-27, 2016.

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Future Meetings

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Past Meetings

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Calendar of Events

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