Diversity and Inclusion

AANN Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The AANN represents a diverse population of nurses pursuing excellence in neuroscience practice. Our organization is strengthened by our support of members regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or life experiences. It is through inclusion that we foster and respect the diverse ideas, opinions and thoughts that will ensure that the AANN will continue to excel, innovate and encourage learning and leadership. Embracing and celebrating our differences through diversity and inclusion ensures an environment of respect and engagement that will contribute to the growth and viability of AANN organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The AANN 2015 Strategic Plan identified diversity and inclusiveness as a key initiative. To further focus on the development and implementation, a Task Force was created in 2017. The Task Force created a charter that included the following:

Goal Statement: AANN will remain relevant and effective by ensuring every aspect of the association is a representation of the diverse members it serves.
Project Vision: AANN will develop a comprehensive framework that embraces, fosters and serves as a model for acceptance and inclusiveness.
• A more diverse association will enhance organizational success
• Supporting diversity and inclusion will embrace new members, nurtures new knowledge, ideas and perspectives.
• Diversity and inclusion will promote AANN’s organizational health and flexibility

AANN has continued the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force by making it an official committee in 2019. Led by Twyila Lay, the committee created a Diversity and Inclusion statement. The committee reviewed all aspects of AANN, ABNN, and AMWF, looking at ways to ensure diversity and inclusion was woven into the organizations. They also looked at ways the changes could potentially be measured. One of the first items the committee changed was the abstract submission process by questioning if diversity and inclusion were considered as part of the abstract submission process. This change was made to put diversity and inclusion top mind for those presenting at AANN’s educational meetings.

The AANN Board of Directors continued their work on transforming the nominations process to be in line with AANN’s focus on diversity and inclusion. The Nominating Committee was changed to the Leadership Development Committee. This committee is now focused on developing the future leaders of AANN, looking at the current competencies of the board and seeking individuals who fill the gaps of the board. This approach will allow AANN’s board to be more representative of the membership and the nursing population.

The work continues for the Diversity and Inclusion committee. Lawrence Chyall serves as Chair of the committee for 2020-2021. The committee is working closely with the Advocacy Committee to develop statements around diverse populations; including seeking topics from the Special Focus Groups they will present at the Annual Educational Meeting. The committee is in the process of developing a survey for membership to evaluate diversity and inclusion at the organizational level. They are also updating the membership welcome packet adding initiatives that AANN is working on to be more diverse.

If you’d like to get more involved in the advocacy or diversity and inclusion committees, email