Neuroscience Nursing Resources


Neuro 101 Toolkit

A quick reference checklist has been created for the new to neuroscience nurse and preceptor supporting those who are new to neuro.  The intent is to support nurses who are unfamiliar with the care of the neuro patient or the environment of care (I.E. floating, travelers, new to neuro).  Additional resources will be developed and rolled out as ready.

Neuro Specialty Quick Guides

The guides provide a list of competencies and quick reference items for specific specialties.

Discharge Education for Secondary Stroke Prevention of Acute Ischemic Stroke (ASI)

Download the Secondary Stroke Prevention Guide

Infantile Spasms Care Unit: Pediatric Acute Care, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Emergency Department

Download the Infantile Spasms Guide

Neuro-oncology: Adult Brain Tumors

Download the Brain Tumor Guide

Neurological Spinal Examination

Download the Spine Exam Guide

Reference sheet for all quick guides

Download the Reference Sheet

Research Priorities

The Research Priorities Task Force was charged by the Clinical Science Committee in November 2019 with identifying neuroscience nursing research priorities to lead the field for the next 3-5 years.

 Download the Research Priorities

White Paper: Neurological Assessment of the Adult Hospitalized Patient

Download the Neurological Assessment of the Adult Hospitalized Patient white paper. The purpose of this document is to describe the essential components of the neurological assessment of the hospitalized adult, enabling the nurse to recognize early neurological changes so that interventions can be implemented in a timely manner to prevent injury.

Download the Neuroassessment White Paper

Toolkit: Neurological Assessment of the Adult Hospitalized Patient

Use this toolkit to educate and empower others about the importance of neurological assessments as a tool to implement interventions and prevent injury. The toolkit includes social media messages and graphics, a sample email, newsletter content, and a press release.

Download the Neuroassessment Toolkit

Download the Neuroassessment Social Media Images