Rogers Headshot

Michael Rogers BSN, RN

San Francisco, CA


BSC (Psych), Texas A&M University
BSN, Texas Women's University
MSNED, Western Governors University (in-progess)


Agnes Marshall Walker Foundation Research Grant (2015)
D Magazine Excellence in Critical Care Nursing Award (2014)
Dallas/Fort Worth Great 100 Nurse (2014)

Vision for Neuroscience Nursing:

My vision for Neuroscience Nursing is for it to be a robust and far-reaching specialty of nursing, analogous with the central nervous system in the human body. The very qualities that make us human - our consciousness, our feelings, our relationships, our communication, our quality of life - are the most at risk in neuroscience patients; this means neuroscience nurses are valuable guardians of our humanity! My vision is that the entire nursing and medical community recognizes this. This recognition would be apparent through the incorporation of neurological pathologies in acuity models used by medical centers; neuroscience nursing leaders stepping forward and taking a seat at the proverbial table of decision-making in healthcare; neuroscience nurses growing their practice with diverse education offerings that extend outside of a lecture format; neuroscience nurses reaching community members to educate on prevention, symptom recognition, and available resources; abundant nurse-driven research serving as the driving force in the development of best practice; nurses using this research to fulfill their roles as advocates for their patients and their fellow nurses. My vision is the empowerment of neuroscience nurses in every aspect of their practice.

Vision for the Association:

My vision for the Association is to be an organization of transformational leaders who create the circumstances in which the Vision for Neuroscience Nursing can happen. A small group of effective leaders on the AANN Board can accomplish some great things. If the AANN Board chooses to empower neuroscience nurses to be leaders themselves, gives them resources to grow their leadership, empowers them to make change, and ultimately creates a network of nursing leaders across the nation, the impact of their efforts will be exponentially more profound. An active, informed, motivated, empowered, and effective Association is my vision.

Accomplishments in Professional Positions:

I have presented at the AANN Annual Education Meeting twice and AACN National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition three times. I was a contributing author to the 6th Edition of AANN Core Curriculum and have submitted a chapter for the 7th Edition in progress. I received the Agnes Marshall Walker Foundation Research Grant with which I published as a primary investigator to the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. I contributed to the AANN online CNRN Review content with a module on Ethical Considerations in Neuroscience Nursing. I was named one of the Great 100 Nurses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. I received the Excellence in Nursing Award in Critical Care from D Magazine.

Accomplishments in Leadership Positions:

I have successfully chaired unit-based councils at UT Southwestern Medical Center and University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), piloting a shared-governance restructure in the latter. When I arrived at UCSF in 2016, our harm events on our unit we strikingly high. I enrolled my unit leadership and hospital leadership to adopt evidence-based infection control practices which reduced our harm events by 32 percent. Our unit was awarded a Meritorious Service Award and the hospital adopted our practice changes throughout the medical center, updating their onboarding process to include our infection control teachings. I also developed and continue to maintain a mentorship program at UCSF in which certified nurses mentor nurses seeking the same certification. Outside of my professional arena, I have worked with community outreach organizations to develop educational programs for youth experiencing homelessness and living with HIV.


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