Certificate Program for the Seizure and Epilepsy Professional




The Certificate Program for the Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional is an assessment-based certificate program that uses instructional design principles to deliver an online self-study educational course followed by a post-assessment. This course will equip you with the tools you need to safely care for patients with seizures and epilepsy, while providing the type of quality care demanded by your institution. Participants will earn CE contact hours and an American Board of Neuroscience Nursing (ABNN) certificate of added qualification that indicates attainment of knowledge upon successful completion of the course.

The primary purpose of this certificate program is to provide foundational knowledge to provide evidence based care to patients who have seizures and epilepsy, who are admitted to an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and who are being evaluated for and/or undergoing surgery for medically refractory epilepsy. There are six online modules, presented sequentially, to be completed to earn the certificate. Two additional modules provide information on a nurse’s role in a Comprehensive Epilepsy Specialty Clinic and an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU). The completion of these two additional modules will enhance the professional’s and facility’s ability to care for patients admitted to a comprehensive epilepsy center or EMU and will meet the qualifications for National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) accreditation.


Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional 6 modules)

(for professionals in non-NAEC accredited centers)

Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional
in a Comprehensive Epilepsy Center (8 modules)

(for professionals in NAEC accredited centers)

(coming late Summer 2021)

Content  • Module I—Anatomy, Physiology, and Etiology of Epilepsy
• Module II—Seizures
• Module III—Diagnosis and Assessment
• Module IV—Treatment
• Module V—Education and Self-Management
• Module VI—Special Populations with Epilepsy
The original six modules plus two additional modules:
• Module VII—Nursing Care in the Epilepsy Specialty
• Module VIII—Nursing Care in the EMU
Target Audience
(not limited only to nurses) 
 Healthcare professionals who:
• Work with seizure/epilepsy patients but
are not in an NAEC accredited center
• Do not work with seizure/epilepsy patients but are
interested in furthering their knowledge on the topic
Healthcare professionals who:
• Work in an NAEC accredited center. This will fulfill the
NAEC accreditation requirement of nursing education.
• Do not work in an NAEC center but are considering
moving to one OR their hospital is in pursuit of
NAEC accreditation.
Post-Assessment  50 Questions 70 Questions

AANN members: $250

Non-Members: $400

AANN members: $300 

Non-Members: $450

Renewal 3 years 3 years

Purchase the 6 Module Program(for professionals in non-NAEC accredited centers)

A detailed course outline is available in the handbook. Participants will have access to the modules, course, and post-assessment for 6 months. There is no time limit to complete a module. You may navigate forward and backward through the courses to review content. PowerPoint slides are available for download once purchased.

Download the Candidate Handbook


A “knowledge check” will be included at the end of each module to evaluate whether the learning objectives for the course have been met. A final post-assessment test also will be available once all modules have been completed. The test questions are multiple-choice, single answer. Participants must pass the post-assessment with an average score of > 80%. If the participant does not pass, they can rewatch the modules, and go back to review materials before taking the test again. Participants will have three chances to successfully pass the post-assessment.

Certificate of Added Qualification and CE

Participants who complete the first 6 modules will receive a certificate of added qualification as a Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional and will earn 6 CE contact hours. Participants who complete the first 6 modules AND the 2 additional NAEC unit modules and pass all assessments will earn a certificate of added qualification as a Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional in a Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and will earn 9 CE contact hours. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion. 


The Certificate for the Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional must be renewed every 3 years to ensure that epilepsy knowledge stays current. The renewal course, which will be available in June of the participant’s third year, will be offered on demand followed by post-assessments. Participants must complete the renewal course by December 31 of the third year. AANN and ABNN will provide reminder information in the middle of the year that the candidate is due to renew; however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the candidate to complete the renewal process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have questions on the Seizure and Epilepsy Certificate Program? Read our FAQ document below to address some of your questions or concerns.

Download FAQs

A Message to Hospital Administrators

Support for the Certificate Program for the Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional reveals your dedication to the highest standards of care and excellence in clinical practice. Completing this certificate program testifies to the outstanding caliber of your healthcare providers and thereby makes your institution more attractive to prospective healthcare employees.

Hospital administrators can demonstrate support for the Certificate Program for the Seizure and Epilepsy Healthcare Professional by
• promoting current certificate recipients through public recognition of their achievement
and ongoing support of their continuing education
• challenging and inspiring staff to participate in the certificate program
• providing financial and career development incentives to those who demonstrate commitment
to their patients and profession through professional development in the certificate program.

These actions will have a positive impact on staff performance and satisfaction while encouraging better outcomes for patients.

As an employer or hospital administrator, you benefit from

  • Knowing the certificate holder is committed to continuous professional development
  • Better-qualified individuals for employment or advancement
  • Ability to match workplace needs with current, relevant training
  • Justification for potential compensation differential

The Value of the Certificate Program

Certificate holders benefit from:

  • Learning from a focused course of instruction
  • Acquisition of new skills
  • Opportunity to learn new content or skills specifically tied to workplace needs
  • Recognition of accomplishment for demonstrating desired educational outcomes
  • Increased recognition by peers and respect of colleagues in the profession
  • Improved opportunities for employability and advancement
  • Greater confidence in their professional competence
  • Increased professional trust from employers or the public
  • Increased autonomy in the workplace
  • Potential for higher compensation and greater career longevity

Institutional Pricing

Support your nurses in completing a certificate program. Institutions are eligible for a discount when they purchase 10 or more subscriptions to the Seizure/Epilepsy Certificate Program. All group purchasing prices are based off of the member rate of $250.00 for the Core 6 modules and $300.00 for the 8-module Course.  Contact to learn more and get started.

Number of Subscriptions  % Discount Price per participant (6 module course) Price per participant (8 module course)
 10-20 10% off member price $225.00 $270.00
 21-49 20% off member price $200.00 $240.00
 50+ 40% off member price $150.00 $180.00